Soccer Star Marcelo Receives Dude Wipes Offer Amid Farting Scandal

Photo: Getty Images

Brazilian soccer star Marcelo is getting a helping hand amid reports of his locker room farting scandal, TMZ reported.

Earlier this week, ESPN revealed that the 31-year-old was dropped from the Lyon first team back in August because of his constant "farting and laughing" among teammates in the locker room.

According to the sources, he was dropped from the senior team after the Lyon's were defeated 3-0 by the Angers and got caught laughing during team captain Leo Dubois' speech to motivate everyone. In January, his contract with Lyon was terminated for what the club described as "inappropriate behavior."

Now, Dude Wipes's hygiene brand is offering to help out the flatulent footballer.

According to TMZ, Dude Wipes heard about Marcelo's situation and set aside a year's supply of spray and wipes to help out him and his teammates.

The outlet obtained a letter from the company addressed to the athlete that reads, "Dear Marcelo, we hope this helps."

Though he was terminated from Lyon for passing gas, Marcelo eventually signed on with Bordeaux where he's currently playing.

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