Chicago Mom Killed After Speaking On Violence Against Black Women

Photo: Getty Images

30-year-old Sierra Jamison was strangled to death in Chicago just after speaking to reporters about violence against Black women.

According to People, Lawrence Curtis Boyle has been charged with one count of first-degree murder for allegedly strangling Jamison to death outside of her home last week.

Before her death, Jamison faced a different attack involving a man wielding a knife who attempted to steal her vehicle. Jamison spoke to CBS2 reporter Dorothy Tucker for a segment about violence against Black women after the incident.

During the interview, which was aired in connection to her death, Jamison said she fought bought against the attacker because of how hard she worked to get the vehicle.

“I'm not fixing to let this young man – with a knife at that – take anything I work hard for away from me," she said.

Jamison had recently celebrated her 30th birthday and was the primary caregiver to her 6-year-old son, who has autism.

Following Jamison's death, Tucker sat down for an interview with CBS to reflect on her time talking to the 30-year-old mother.

“She wanted to be able to say, ‘Let me tell people what it's like to be a Black woman today, and fearful so many times,'” Tucker said, adding that Jamison's death was an example of “the importance of us doing the story. To talk about what happens to Black women.”

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