These Black TV Shows Put A Spotlight On Friendsgiving

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A new tradition has been catching on over the last few years during the Thanksgiving holiday -- Friendsgiving! As the name suggests, instead of getting with your family members for a huge dinner, you're spending the holiday hanging out with close friends or romantic partners. Some people aren't close with their relatives, don't have a relationship with them at all, or are facing challenges seeing their family. So, Friendsgiving is a great alternative for those seeking comfort and social time on Thanksgiving.

Since Friendsgiving is still a niche phenomenon, it's rare you'll find it represented in media. Some Black TV shows, however, got a grasp on it way before it started catching on. We found five shows that feature the true spirit of Friendsgiving.

Living Single

“Thanks for Giving” (Season 2, Episode 12): This show focuses on a group of single friends living their best life in Brooklyn, meaning Friendsgiving is already a given. On top of the crew preparing for Thanksgiving and bringing their own dishes, one of the ladies thinks a proposal is on the horizon.

You can watch Living Single on Hulu.


"Thanks For Nothing" (Season 3, Episode 11): Things heat up in the kitchen when the men declare they're better at cooking than the women. It's a hilarious battle of the sexes that takes place on Thanksgiving.

You can watch Martin on BET+ and HBO Max.


"Fried Turkey" (Season 1, Episode 9): Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross) is the focus of this episode as she plans the perfect Thanksgiving dinner date with an attorney she admires. Unfortunately, her girlfriends may end up ruining her special date after bailing on Joan.

You can watch Girlfriends on Netflix.

A Different World

"If You Like Pilgrim Coladas" (Season 2, Episode 6): Whitley (Jasmine Guy) and Kim (Charnele Brown) are stuck on campus during the Thanksgiving holiday, feeling homesick. That's when they devise a plan to have their own holiday sinner.

You can watch A Different World on HBO Max.


"Lowkey Thankful" (Season 4, Episode 3): Lawrence (Jay Ellis) goes to Condola (Christina Elmore)'s "Friendsgiving" while Issa (Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) get ready to spend the holiday with their family. Revelations resurface as the night goes on, challenging relationships past and present. It's a drama-filled episode for the books.

You can watch Insecure on HBO Max and Hulu.

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